My American dream.

                          More to grow, more to learn, more to discover and more to come.

This is the very first month where my journey embarks on such a beautiful land in the middle of United States.
I had plenty of day off every single week and I never start blogging yet, simply because there's too much to share and I just doesn't know where should I begin.

Right before I depart, another close friend of mine came by and keep me accompanied while staying overnight at the airport plus one of  my Master supervisor came by to give me last few suggestions before I take off.
Me and Jerome meet each other right at the airport, at first I never thought of coming here with anyone else, but I would say I'm really grateful that Jerome approached since our starting day falls on the same day.
& Here our journey begins...

Everything on the flight! Bottomless supply of all kinds of drinks, unfortunately I just couldn't sleep.
The only time I slept due to feeling drunk as I had two cup of white wine -Jerome regret his decision of drinking it -_-

10(KUL-NRT)+7(NRT-DEN) hours of flight with 2 hours transit ( We met a women from Miri heading to US share us all of her Malaysian snacks while queuing up) & I watched plenty on the movies haha


                                                                Welcome to DENVER!

Day 1: 22nd May 2017
We stop by Walmart before heading to YMCA of the Rockies-
It is really interesting to see that they sell flowers almost every groceries stores, it just enlighten my day ;)


We were hungry

It was definitely the experience that I've been sharing with peoples over and over again, first time seeing snow, first time taking such a long-haul flight, first time experience such a cold weather and that's all I was wearing.

Elk and chipmunks everywhere!

There's merely 800 of seasonal staffs ranging from different countries and of course different part of america too! We both got really shocked while joining the hostel orientation as we were the very first two Asians :B

Words couldn't express how I felt by being super lucky to witness snow during summer <3


Buenas noches.

Day 2: 23rd May 2017

Waking up seeing a scenery like this is just simply amazing!
I was go glad that I made the right decision, scenery is a plus point, but the peoples here are really nice and warm!
I'm never a extreme hiking person but I really enjoy the process seeing how far can I go to!

We have 3 days more to officially start working, so we tried our best to discover.

Rollerskating is one of the activity available for the staff (it opens during winter only) and I fell down so hard twice. Honestly they provide all kinds of outdoor activities for everyone!
(Bike rental service: approx 10USD for a day)

Art crafts centre//


& I met Papi here

Hiking is kind of like something that attracts everyone here including the guests and seasonal staffs too, so we went on a hike right after.
Bible point is our very first hike in the Y, I would say it's the easiest trail but the snowing situation makes everything so much harder. I fell down million of times just because it was so slippery. Painful yet unforgettable <3

                                                                    My very first Olaf!

                                     Mailbox on top of the Bible Point, people write wishes here ;)


By the way, this is where I stay//


Day 3: 24th May 2017


Sooooo, David is the person which pick us up from the airport, a person who belongs to the same church as Jerome do, and he brought us to the nearest town - Ester Park.


                                              Chocolate store-Thrift store-Old Fashion Candy

Hi my Yeti.


David invited us to the church services right after, her wife cooks really well & I ate a lot :B

Day 4: 25th May 2017

We had our food service orientation right before the actual orientation, there's 20 of us from the same batch, and that's where I get to know our trainer- Robert & the one and only Thai which has a super long nameeeeeeeeeeeeeeee- Chitipat bla bla bla.

Jerome and I has nothing much to do right after the orientation, and we met Robert halfway, he brought us to town to check the thrift store out instead. Another day well spent.

Ignore my retarded face hahahaha

Resident Assistance department did a great job on keep us busy//

Day 5: 26th May 2017

Spruce dining hall- The place where I worked for the first two weeks

Our very first group photo :3

                                                                    -TO BE CONTINUED-


    finally an update from you! a long awaited one <3
    that lil chipmunk looks like it's posing lol lil poser
    and i hope you got that leather jacket cos you're rockin it
    the shoes too dayum that whole outfit is on fleek lah!
    and pls steal that unicorn thanks love you haha





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