Hello today, goodbye yesterday.

"Oh dear May, please be good to me"
I've been posting this as my caption for almost every single month yet I had a friend came and hit me up by saying why did you bother to expect a "May" to be good to you?
It enlightens me.
So I stopped doing that.

So here it goes,
I actually find that April had been a terrible month to me,
I went to Kuala Lumpur for a short & sweet 2 days 1 night vacation for my visa application,
I was so sick that time plus I took a break from what I used to enjoy doing.

By working with hitz as a cruiser.
I lost myself until I tend not to have social interaction with peoples,
staring at the computer not knowing what to do next,
I forgets easily, literally.

I guess I had been through lots of hardships when I started transform into a better person and of course shit happens too,
So I tend to forget things so easily that turns me down.
Thank god I had so many friendships during my different stages of life, which makes me mentally stronger.

You know people don't give us perception, personality, confidence, self esteem and dignity.
I know there's more to extend but at least these are the ones that I discovered.
Being able to express yourself, carelessly, comfortably, it all really matters.
Some people was so stuck in expressing themselves, ended up being stranded in a hopeless world which they created for themselves.

And I hope this helps;
Please believe positiveness do spread around,
and I'm so glad that these terrible feelings are gone along with the month of April, at least for now.
There are times where we all face depression,
hoping it could be gone once we wake up for the next morning,
no matter how hard did you tried or how hard did you cried.
But hey, there are always ups and down in our life journey,
and without the downturn,
You will never ever taste how great and how lucky you could ever be.

Cherish the good moments-

I did wrote a depressed post recently,
and there's quite a number of close friends pop by,
I wasn't really expecting that,
but it turn out to be something really motives me a lot.
We all are busy, and we makes ourselves busy enough to not stuck in those sad feelings.
So do make time for the people that worthwhile, and the one that always make themselves available for every of your downturns.

Hello today, goodbye yesterday.


  1. hey! didn't expect a post about this and why didn't you tell me huh! i would have checked your blog earlier <3 i love this "Being able to express yourself, carelessly, comfortably, it all really matters." yes, being loved for being your own careless and most comfortable self should be anyone's biggest accomplishment. well, it's mine. awaiting more updates from you x




Oh dear consciousness , Where have you been?